Companions are animals that every inhabitant of Eldarya has. They mostly act as messengers and scavengers. They can be used to find equipment, eggs, food, bait, and various other items by sending them out on exploration. In order to play the Mini-Games, it is required to have at least one Companion.

Starting Companions Edit

In Join the Guard of El, players automatically take a test that matches them to one of three Companions. Based on their results, they can get either a Becola, a Corko, or a Sabali. Players are also automatically given an incubator in order to hatch their Companion.

Obtaining Edit

Most Companions can be found either through exploration or on the Market, but there are a few that can only be obtained by buying them from the Companion Shop. There are others that were only available during certain events.

In order to catch a Companion in the wild, certain types of baits are needed. Each wild Companion has a specific bait that they like and having the correct bait will raise the probability of a successful capture significantly. However, it is possible to lose a companion even with the right kind of bait.

Hatching Edit

Each Companion species has a different amount of time needed before it completely hatches. Generally, the more rare a Companion is, the longer it will take to hatch with common Companions taking the least amount of time.

Players can prematurely hatch a companion by paying Gold Coins. The amount of Gold Coins needed decreases one GC every three minutes.

Companion Care Edit

All Companions have a certain type of food that only they will eat. Companions need to be fed every day. Each Companion has their own inventory that can hold up to 15 of whatever food they eat and all players can store up to 30 pieces of any food item. If a Companion runs out of food, their energy will deplete until it reaches zero. If a Companion still doesn't have enough food, then their affection level will begin to run out. Once their affection level reaches zero, the Companion will automatically return to their egg.

Exploration Edit

After hatching, companions can explore any of the locations provided. The amount of time it takes for a companion to explore varies from spot to spot. Companions can be returned immediately by using Gold Coins. The amount of Gold Coins needed decreases by one GC every three minutes.

Evolution Edit

Companions can evolve at least once. The specific requirements for evolution vary from species to species. Generally, players have to be at a certain experience level, the Companion's affection level has to be at a certain point, and the Companion has to be active for a set amount of days. Once all the requirements have been met, the Companion can be evolved. Companions will stay in their adult form from there on afterwards.

List Edit

Bellow is a list of all known companions that are or at one point were available. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; it is possible that a companion exists and has not been added.

Common Edit

Image Name Found at... Bait Food Price
Becola Egg Becola Beach or Shallow Waters
(City of El)
Round Lily Pad Bamboo Shoot 900 150
Corko Egg Corko Shallow Waters or Beach
(City of El)
Flippers Sweetened Eggs 900 150
Crowmero Egg Crowmero HQ Gardens
(City of El)
Emerald Lantern Glowing Caterpillar N/A 200
Crylasm Egg Crylasm HQ Gardens, Western Plain, or Burrow
(City of El)
Golden Shears Eskimo Pie Popsicle N/A N/A
Dalafa Egg Dalafa Unknown Dreamcatcher Honey Fruit N/A 200
Jipinku Egg Jipinku Rock
(City of El)
Sticky Lollipop Sugar Clouds 1200 200
Kiampu Egg Kiampu Kappa Beach
(City of El)
Iridescent Pearls Frozen Bubble N/A N/A
Pimpel Egg Pimpel HQ Gardens, Western Plain, or Eastern Plain
(City of El)
Watering Can Precious Lotus N/A 200
Sabali Egg Sabali Forest - Right
(City of El)
Currycomb Cotton Flower 900 150
Sitourche Egg Sitourche Woods of the Lake
(Jade Coast)
Abandoned Plushie Imperfect Snowflake N/A N/A
Bowsa Egg Bowsa Episode 17 N/A Acid Berries N/A 200
2hK06G5J27 7zqD-D8HX9CTm5RI@200x200
Lapy Yin Paddy Field

(Fenghuang Temple)

Silver Feather Poisonous Rose N/A 200

Rare Edit

Image Name Found at/in... Bait Food Price
Beriflore Egg Beriflore Heart of the Forest
(City of El)
Music Box Midnight Fruit N/A N/A
Grookhan Egg Grookhan Episode 12 Piece of a Statue Dried Algae N/A N/A
Libleunette Egg Libleunette Tadpole Lake
(Jade Coast)
Ivory Ocarina Sweet Payaga N/A N/A
Liclion Egg Liclion Forest - Right
(City of El)
Sky Bubble Star Cookies N/A N/A
Nocturnal Dalafa Egg Nocturnal Dalafa Clearing
(City of El)
Dreamcatcher Honey Fruit N/A N/A
Plumobec Egg Plumobec Western Plain or Eastern Plain
(City of El)
Feather Duster Creamy Caterpillar N/A N/A
Poulpatata Egg Poulpatata Beach or Shallow Waters
(City of El)
Inkwell Dragonfly Fish N/A N/A
Tumblr inline pl9hkkfemw1t984wz 250 Molecat Yang Paddy Field

(Fenghuang Temple)

Gill Net Flying Carp N/A N/A

Epic Edit

Image Name Found at/in... Bait Food Price
Chestok Egg Chestok Immersed Cave
(City of El)
Candle Night Bubble N/A N/A
Minaloo Egg Minaloo Epic bindle N/A Minty Steaks N/A N/A
O'oluray Egg O'oluray Torii of Memories
(Jade Coast)
Antique Coin Golden Rose Petals N/A N/A
Poulpatata from the Deep Egg Poulpatata from the Deep Deep Waters
(City of El)
Inkwell Dragonfly Fish N/A N/A
Seryphon Egg Seryphon Edge of the Forest
(City of El)
Page of a Book Red Lizard N/A N/A
Verdheleon Egg Verdheleon Bamboo Forest
(Jade Coast)
Patched Plush Bear Speckled Crab Claws N/A N/A
Oeuf acopafel
Alcopafel Unknown Cinders Red Moon Fruit N/A N/A

Legendary Edit

Image Name Found at/in... Bait Food Price
Oeuf Homonculus de l'Aube
Dawn Homonculus Hill Entrance

(Jade Coast)

Bottle of Essence of Life Mini Ray of Sunlight N/A N/A
Oeuf Homonculus de Minuit
Midnight Homonculus Path of the Pilgrim

(Fenghuang Temple)

Bottle of Nothingness Mini Black Hole N/A N/A
Oeuf Homonculus de Midi
Noon Homonculus Island

(City of El)

Bottle of Fury Mini Meteorite N/A N/A
Boltue Egg Boltue Rock Cascade
(Jade Coast)
Fishing Bait Fizzy Algae N/A N/A
Draflayel Egg Draflayel Legendary bindle N/A Golden Nectar N/A N/A
Gallytrot Egg Gallytrot Companion Shop N/A Gallyflores N/A 400
Musarose Egg Musarose Companion Shop N/A Poisonous Ladybugs N/A 400
Panalulu Egg Panalulu Companion Shop N/A Iridescent Beetles N/A 450
Ei Chiromagnus Chiromagnus Alchemy game None Vial of Elements N/A N/A

Event Edit

Image Name Event Bait Food Price
Valuret Egg Valuret Valentine's Day 2015 N/A Love Candies N/A N/A
Tumblr inline nmfp0uR6yP1s5ikmr 100 Lamulin Easter 2015 Winged Bell Chocolate glazed cherries N/A N/A
1467910700 Bunraku Japan Expo 2016 N/A Onigiri N/A N/A
Chead Egg Chead Halloween 2016 Haunted Harp Possessed Apple N/A 350
Spadel Egg Spadel Halloween 2016 Radioactive Silk Terrifying Sweet N/A 250
Ciralak Egg Ciralak Halloween 2016 Fabric Mouse Candy Corn N/A 450
Danalasm Egg Danalasm Christmas 2016 Heaven Stellar Flask Candy Cane N/A 450
Okanya Egg Okanya Christmas 2016 Cozy Stocking Iced Pudding N/A 350
Pinigin Egg Pinigin Christmas 2016 Enchanted Carrot Christmas Cookie N/A 250
Sowige Egg Sowige Christmas 2016 N/A Iced Pudding N/A 350
Calunko Egg Calunko Japan Expo 2017 N/A Onigiris N/A N/A
Lovigis Egg Lovigis Valentine's Day 2017 N/A Love Candies N/A N/A
Egg Jeanylotte Jeanylotte Easter 2017 N/A Chocolate Cirses N/A N/A
Melomantha Egg Melomantha International Music Day 2017 N/A Melody in a Flask N/A N/A
Woolapiyou Egg Woolapiyou Summer 2017 Hourglass Sable Cookie N/A 350
Globulosaurus Egg Globulosaurus Halloween 2017 Patchwork Blanket Terrifying Sweet N/A 250
Hydracarys Egg Hydracarys Halloween 2017 Red Gem Candy Corn N/A 450
Osstoplasm Egg Osstoplasm Halloween 2017 Haunted Rune Possessed Apple N/A 350
Rawist Egg Rawist Halloween 2017 N/A Candy Corn N/A 450
Sgarkellogy Egg Sgarkellogy Halloween 2017 N/A Possessed Apple N/A 350
Ocemas Egg Ocemas Christmas 2017 N/A Candy Cane N/A 450
Bloobun Egg Bloobun Christmas 2017 Snow Globe Christmas Cookie N/A 250
Owlett Egg Owlett Christmas 2017 Bird Charm Candy Cane N/A 450
Xylvra Egg Xylvra Christmas 2017 Frozen Nepeta Iced Pudding N/A 350
Rowtsya Egg Rowtsya Valentine's Day 2018 Love Candies N/A N/A N/A
Blobby Egg Blobby April Fools 2018 N/A Blobbydelice © N/A N/A
Meeper Egg Meeper Easter 2018 Event N/A Chocolate Cirses N/A N/A
Bakhrahell Egg
Bakhrahell Halloween 2018 Event Bezoar Candy Corn N/A 450
Mohmiau Egg
Mohmiaû Halloween 2018 Event Ball of Bandages Possessed Apple N/A 350
Pomponeige Christmas 2018 Event Perfect Snowflake Iced Pudding N/A 350
Aurorca Christmas 2018 Event Boreal Crystal Candy Cane N/A 450
2b9X6Ln3Yj6LIu6AOzRd3r rI5I@200x200
Zarali Valentine's Day 2019 Event None Love Candies N/A 450
Tumblr inline pq3uz04Fz61uu5n2m 250
Beckett Easter 2019 Event Glittery Egg Cocoa cakes N/A 450

Trivia Edit

  • Poulpatata and Dalafa are the only companions to have nocturnal versions.
  • Before October 16th, 2017, several aspects about companions were different:[1]
    • The "Hatch Now" button was not as obvious.
    • Prematurely hatching a companion by using Gold Coins was not an option. This was also true of exploration.
    • The "Feed" pop-up had a slider instead of having plus and minus buttons.
    • Companions had to be hatched and not out on exploration in order to play any of the Mini-Games.

References Edit

  1. [INFO] Changes and Improvements!, Technical team, Eldarya

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