Colaia 400x400
Race Mermaid
Gender Female Female
Guard Unknown
Hair Color Lilac
Eye Color Violet
Relatives Alajea (sister)
First Appearance Episode 15

Appearance Edit

When we meet Colaia, she has long, tousled, violet hair, but later she cuts them briefly, right in front of her shoulders. Her eyes are pink, though not identical in color to her sister Alajea.  He dresses in a suit in shades of blue with green and yellow accessories. He also wears a pink belt, with which he has his mixture, thanks to which he keeps his legs.  Colaia in the form of a siren has a light blue tail with pink-yellow fins.

Personality Edit

Very shy, Colaïa speaks very little and blushes easily. She hides behind her older sister Alajéa when she feels intimidated.

Plot Edit

Colaia is the younger sister of Alajea .  When her, her sister and parents attacked kraken, she was kidnapped by one of his tentacles. The sister thought she was dead. However, she managed to survive and for two years she wandered in the sea. As a result of constant stress, she became wild and afraid of everyone. When she reached the waters near KG, she attacked Enthraa in her own defense . She was caught by Gardienne and several other members of the guard and transferred to a cell with access to water. At first she did not even remember her talking. She was suspected of being contaminated with crystal, but after being examined in detail by Ewelein it turned out that she was healthy. Now she is slowly learning a normal life in society again.  INEpisode 18, we learn that she is allergic to kiwifruit.

Relationships Edit


Colaia is the sister Alajea , which met after a long separation. They are very close.


They seem to get along well. Colaia can talk to him freely, even without her sister.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to Guardienne, Colaïa's voice is very sweet.
  • Is allergic to kiwi.
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