Colaia icon
Race Mermaid
Gender Female Female
Guard Unknown
Hair Color Lilac
Eye Color Purple
Relatives Alajea (sister)
First Appearance Episode 15

Colaia is a younger sister of Alajea who got separated from her two years ago. Sisters found each others later again in Episode 15. She was suspected to be in possession of corrupted crystal shard but luckily Ewelein came to conclusion that she was only feral.

Appearance Edit

When we first meet Colaia, she has long, tousled, violet hair, but later she cuts them to polka. Her eyes are pinkish purple, though not identical in color to her sister Alajea. She dresses in a outfit shaded of blue with green and yellow accessories. She also wears a pink belt, with which she has hanged her potion which allows her to have legs.

Colaia in the form of a mermaid has a light blue tail with pink-yellow fins.

Personality Edit

After being attacked and kidnapped by Kraken, she lost her parents and lost contact with her sister. After escaping she was alone for two years and became feral and untrusting and scared of others. When she reached HQ waters, she attacked Enthraa out of fear and self-defense but was captured. She was then released when Alajea recognized her.

Colaia had hard time getting used to other people after being alone for so long time but slowly with Alajea's help she became less feral until she wasn't it at all anymore. She, however, remained very shy and blushes easily when saying something too harsh or weird or being praised. She doesn't speak much, much likely because she forgot how to do it during the time she was alone.

Later in the story she is seen to act bravely, more courageous, trusting and talkative. When surprised, she still tend overreact, like when she pulled out knife when Erika touched her shoulder suddenly on behind her back.

Relationships Edit


Colaia is the younger sister of Alajea and they care each others deeply. When she, her sister and their parents were attacked by Kraken, she was kidnapped by one of its tentacles. Their parents died and Alajea thought Colaia was dead too and was devastated. However, she managed to survive and for two years she wandered in the sea until she reached HQ's waters and attacked Enthraa. Sisters were then happily re-united and Alajea helped her sister to get used to other people again and gain trust to them.


Colaia and Jamon seem to get along well. Colaia can talk to him freely, even without her sister.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to Erika, Colaïa's voice is very gentle.
  • Is allergic to kiwi.
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