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Ciralak Adult.png
Rarity Event/Legendary
Luck Baby: 260-315
Adult: 300-350
Food Candy Corn
Bait Fabric Mouse
Hatch Time 1080min
(18 hours)
Energy Baby: 110
Adult: 160
Store Price 450 Gold Coin.png

Ciralak is a Companion that was available during the Halloween 2016 Event.


Playful and mischievous, the Ciralak is a Companion that brings joy to households. With the Ciralak, you will never be bored!


Food & Bait[]

They eat Candy Corn. They can be captured in the wild using a Fabric Mouse.

Energy & Hatching[]

The egg hatches in 1080 minutes (18 hours). Their energy as a baby is 110 which goes to 160 as an adult.

Evolution Requirements[]

  • Have reached level 9
  • Have an Affection Level of at least 85%
  • Must be at least 40 days old



  • Chead and Spadel were also available during the Halloween 2016 Event.
  • Ciralak was made purchasable during the Halloween 2017 Event.
  • Its appearance is inspired by Egyptian pageantry and Cerberus. We can therefore think of a reference to the role of protector that the cat embodied in the time of ancient Egypt and to the role of "Guardian of the Underworld" of Cerberus in Greek mythology.
  • Its name could be formed with "cat", "ir al" (meaning to go to in Spanish) and "ka" (name of the vital force in Ancient Egypt). In addition "to go to one's ka" is an expression designating death.


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