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Christmas has arrived to the Lands of El. Prepare yourself for a snowy adventure! From December 23, 2019 at 11am GMT until January 3, 2020 at 11:59pm GMT, help the Lord of the Cold save Christmas! Will you be able to conquer the frozen kingdom?


Christmas is arriving soon, but the Elves seem overwhelmed. The Lord of Cold will definitely need a helping hand to keep the Toy Factory running! And it also seems the spirits of Christmas have gone missing...


Erika, Kero, Alajea, Karenn and Colaia have received a invitation to go help Christmas elfs prepare for Christmas. In a way to Toy Factory they get lost but luckily meet grumpy Pink Elf who leads them to their destination. At the destination they hear that the year's Christmas host organizer, Jack (most likely Jack Frost) is visiting Ice Queen in her castle. After waiting a time which feels too long, the party decides to go for search Jack in case if he's been hurt. At the castle they meet Jack and they all return to Toy Factory.

Jack tells them that spirits of Christmas have disappeared. However while Jack's assistants are searching clues about their whereabouts the party gets signed to different tasks: Girls start to wrap gifts and Kero goes to help stack the giant gift stack. Colaia, who is ungifted to wrap gifts joins him in a some time after.

Then Toy Factory receives great news: Christmas Spirits have been spotted in Boreal Desert. Jack and the party leaves for searching them and find them. Spirits are revealed to be Skanis named Romulus and Perceed named Olga. The Companions need some persuation to come back to Toy Factory since they are using their will to try to cure Eldarya because its crystal have been broken. In the end they all return to Toy Factory and Christmas is saved. 


Image Name Food How to get
Skanis Egg.png Skanis Candy Cane Complete the event
Perceed Egg.png Perceed Christmas Cookie By using the right bait (Moonstone)


The event introduces couple of new outfits: Graceful Fencer Outfit (available through missions), Festive Pilgrim outfit (found by exploration) and Far North Sovereign Outfit (by making purchase from the Bank).

Year 2018's Christmas Event's outfit pieces could also be found during exploraton and the shop. Unlike the previous Christmas Events and like this year's Halloween Event, the outfit pieces didn't have specific locations.




  • This is the first story-based Christmas Event.