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Chiromagnus Adult.png
Rarity Legendary
Luck Adult: 340-390
Food Vial of Elements
Bait None
Hatch Time 90 minutes
(1,5 hours)
Energy Adult: 160
Store Price None

Chiromagnus is a legendary Companion.


The Chiromagnus is a legendary fellow who can be made using the alchemy minigame. The Chiromagnus is with a value of up to 390 the companion with the greatest possible luck value.


Made in alchemy minigame:

Food & Bait[]

  • They don't have a bait.

Energy & Hatching[]

Like Blobby, Chiromagnus has only one developmental stage. Once hatched, the egg is fully grown. Hatching takes 90 minutes and born Chiromagnus has 160 energy.



  • Like the Blobby, the Chiromagnus has no evolution: it emerges from its egg directly in adult form.
  • Chiron is a centaur from Greek mythology. He is known for his great knowledge.
    • This word can also mean hand in Greek.
  • Magnus means large in Latin.
  • The name of this pet means either big hand or Chiron the Great .


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