Cameria icon
Race Hamadryad
Gender Female Female
Guard Obsidian Gem Obsidian Guard
Hair Color Yellowish-green
Eye Color Orange
Height almost 182 cm = almost 6 feet
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Episode 14

An athletic young woman, this hamadryad is quite unusual. She unearthed her own tree to go discover the world. Adventurous and courageous, she never hesitates in the face of danger, even when she is in great peril!

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Her hair is dreadlocks made of lianas and autumn leaves. She has an athletic body, her armor is made of metal plates and orange fabric. On her back, she carries a huge jar, similar to a terrarium.

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  • The Hamadriades can not get away from their tree, otherwise they die. That's why Cameria always takes it everywhere.
  • She provides self-defense classes to Guardienne in Episode 15 .
  • Almost 6 feet tall.
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