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Bluesaida Bluesaida 21 November 2019

Races of Eldarya

I'm thinking about creating a page which contains information about different races living in Eldarya (what have been told about them in the game) excluding companions (because they have their own page). I mean races like vampires, demons, kitsunes and mermaids.. their traditions, habits, looks etc.

But I would like to hear some of yours opinions about this: is the idea worth doing or is it completely unnecessary? Do they differ enought from their "irl" versions (is there enough difference between Eldarya-demon and irl-demon) so it wouldn't be useless to give information about them here (and not go straight to Wikipedia)? Is there enough information told in the game so the page could look decent and not totally empty? Any other concerns?

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Bluesaida Bluesaida 27 August 2019

Question: Scrolls

Heyyy my first blog post! This means party!

To the matter on the hand. Does scrolls have specific locations or are they randomly found anywhere?

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ChickenNuggert1 ChickenNuggert1 3 July 2018

What are plumobecs worth?

I don't know what they are worth at the market, if you know please respond I need my manaaaaassss

I don't know it's luck

It's a baby

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Shimazu Sumiko Shimazu Sumiko 17 June 2018

Wiki Adoption

It has come to my attention that this wiki lacks an active administrator. The only user here with admin/bureaucrat status seems to have stopped editing here. There are several edits, mainly image renaming, that should be done but only a user with admin rights has the ability to do make those sorts of changes.

I have contacted our one admin through Eldaryas personal messaging system, asking if they could bump up my user status, but it has been several months and I have received no reply.

So here's what I propose: I will file an adoption request on the Community Central Wiki. As the Eldarya Wiki has frequent editors, I'll leave this blog open for comments while my request is being looked over. During this time, I ask you to leave a response eit…

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Anne Zigure Anne Zigure 29 May 2018


Por favor! Alguém ai faz capas? É pra categoria kpop 'u' e eu sou uma merda com óculos fazendo capas, pelo amor, save me alguém? // Please! Does anyone there make covers? It's for kpop 'u' category and I'm a shit with glasses making covers, for love, save me somebody?

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Fairy tail Darling Fairy tail Darling 15 May 2018



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Shimazu Sumiko Shimazu Sumiko 3 December 2017

Monthly Guard Ranking

In order to prevent the comments for the Guard Ranking page to become flooded with non-editing related comments, I've decided to create this blog post. (Discussions is awkward and we don't have the regular forums here.) Below are a list of questions that you can use if you so wish.

Please read Eldarya Wiki:Rules before commenting.

  • Do not attack the Eldarya Team. You can state your displeasure about their handling of this issue, but no more than that.
  • Keep what you are saying at a PG-13 rating.
  • Do not attack another user for disagreeing with you.

  • Do you like the Ranking feature? Do you dislike it?
  • How do you think the algorithm works? Why do you think that the Eldarya team have declined to giving out specifics about it?
  • Should the Ranking stay as it i…

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Shimazu Sumiko Shimazu Sumiko 25 March 2017

Introducing the LOM templates

The LOM templates were created with the intention of making the Love'o'Meter section of the episode guides easier on our editor's eyes. People who are new to HTML and/or Wikitext will be able to add answers without too much trouble either.

There are five templates that you work with. is the main one and forms the backbone. , , , and are additional templates that automatically add color and formatting to the answers.


| anB = | anC = }}

If you use the Classic editor, you won't be able to access visual mode. This is because using a template within a template is considered complex code. Whenever there's complex code, rich text editing is disabled, meaning the only way to edit a page is through source mode. Thankfully, the Visual …

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AniBon AniBon 22 November 2016

Quick Apologies

So, if you haven't noticed I've been making a lot of spelling and grammar collections on post, and I'd just like to apologize if it seems like I'm being petty and picking out every wrong detail.  I take great pride in using proper spelling and grammar so I just want to make sure the Wiki looks absolutely perfect.  So, many apologies if my many edits have spammed the wiki activity, but i just want to make sure you all are okay with it.  If you want I can stop worrying about misplaced commas and all of that good stuff.  Please do inform me if you are not okay with it. 

Aside from that I would just like to say it's really nice to see such a nice group of people working on a wiki together.  I feel as if everyone involved is kind of like a small…

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LivingSunset LivingSunset 22 November 2016

Image naming

Hi all. I think it would be good if when uploading item images we had some sort of consistent naming convention. I notice we've been creating a lot of duplicates and I totally understand why. It's not practical to look back through the entire list for what you are after.

If we name them consistently though, it would help avoid this and save time when you're looking for something.

My suggestion would be.

  • Hairstyle itemname.png
  • Clothing itemname.png
  • Food itemname.png
  • Bait itemname.png
  • Scroll itemname.png
  • Item itemname.png (For Gasses and Liquids and Plants. Or something else generic, such as an incubator)

Where "itemname" is the full name as it is in-game seperated by spaces/underscores. Eg. "Clothing Eldarya Top.png"

What do you all think about this?…

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AniBon AniBon 21 November 2016

L'oM Assistance

Hi guys, it's AniBon and since the future new admin FernFTW appointed me as the official (fabulous) guide (The person who does the main work on L'oM and Episode guides basically)  I was wondering if some you would like to help out and do the L'oM Guides for past episodes I've missed. 

-Regards the one and only unfunny funny AniBon

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FernFTW FernFTW 18 November 2016

A new admin

So, as you may know, the founder of this wiki, Minry, has not been active for over a year now. Which is honestly quite sad because that means they may not have begun playing the actual English version of Eldarya yet.   But that's besides the point.

A wiki can only last so long without an admin, and someone does need to try and take up that task. I've been working on this wiki for a while now, and thoroughly love doing it, as such I feel up to taking on the status of admin.

Obviously I'm not alone on the wiki though, and would like to have others opinions on if you think I'd be a good admin, or if there if someone else is better suited for the task.

Along with this, from what I understand (I did a little research before writing this) once an a…

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BekNeko BekNeko 8 November 2016

Entries format talk

Hello everyone,

so, some of you may have noticed that I've changed some posts to edit the format of the headings (From "Subheading 1" to "Heading"). I was going to make the change in every companion page, because I find it looks better organised and easier to read that way (With bigger section titles and leaving more space before each paragraph). Or maybe I'm just used to the format in the other wikis I usually edit and it's just my imagination, who knows?

However, I think I should talk to everyone else here before, so we can all agree on the appearance this wiki's posts should have. I'd like you to tell me which format you prefer (The pages I edited were the Liclion's and Plumobec's)

With that being said, I'd like to open with this blog post…

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FernFTW FernFTW 19 September 2016

Inconvenient to access the Episode List

I believe that only an administrator can do this, and if not I haven't learned how, but I do believe there should be an easier way to access the Episode List page. Currently you'd have to search through the catagories, or go to one of the episode pages and go to the catagories from there. I suppose you could also use the search bar, but it's very easy to miss things using that. Perhaps I'm just spoiled from the My Candy Love Wiki, but I believe that would be a good addition to the navigation bar.

Thank you for reading, and please do this if you can c:

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