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Blobbiathan Adult.png
Rarity Event/Legendary
Luck Adult: 360-400
Food Super Blobbydelice ©
Bait None
Hatch Time 1100 minutes
Energy Adult: 170
Store Price None

Blobbiathan is a companion which was available during Summer 2019 Event. It is animated.


An unstable companion which wasn't supposed to be created... It could cause a tsunami for just one box of Super Blobbydelice@!


In Alchemy-minigame during the event by using receipt:

1 Blobby egg
1 Blobbette egg
1 Essence of Transmutation
1 Blobbyesque Fusion potion
450 Maanas

Food & Bait[]

  • They eat:
  • They don't have a bait.

Energy & Hatching[]

They have 170 energy as an adult which is most amount of all companions. They don't have baby form. Hatching the egg takes 1100 minutes (18h 30min).



  • He is the fourth pet to be animated. Previous ones were Blobby, Blobbette and Zarali.
  • The appearance of this familiar is inspired by the pokémon Gyarados, known to be the evolution of Magikarp, itself known for its useless attack.
  • Despite the possibility of buying parchment at the market, it is only possible to make Blobbiathan once.


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