Akire Icon
Race Succubus
Gender Female Female
Guard None
Hair Color Purple/Light Pink
Eye Color Golden
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Valentine's Day
2018 Event

Akire is a succubus. She broke into Headquarters in an attempt to seduce and kidnap Ezarel, Nevra, and Valkyon.

Appearance Edit

Akire has pale skin and is dressed in black, purple with touches of gold. Most elements of her outfit have already appeared in the game.

Personality Edit

Akire is haughty and arrogant.

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Trivia Edit

  • Akire is "Erika" spelled backwards.
  • Akire was introduced during the Valentine's Day 2018 Event. She is not in the main story.
  • Akire's outfit and appearance combines various equipment items from the following outfits:
    • Evil Baroness (tail, horns, and hooves)
    • Maid of Phoenix (boots)
    • Stealth Crow (cape)
    • Queen Spider (underwear)
    • Evil Succubus (wings)
    • Spring Faery (bracelet, top, and ankle bracelet)
    • Petrifying Empress (shoulder pads)
    • Radiant Skies (top and temple jewelry)
    • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier (gloves)
    • Warrior's Maid (flask)
    • Wicked (mouth)
    • Eldarya (skin)
    • Snow Queen (forehead crystals)
    • Pointy Ears (ears)
    • Akire (hairstyle)
    • Evil Eyes (eyes, French server only)

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