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The Absynthe Guard is one of four guards that see over Eldarya.


The guard members of Absynthe combine finesse fighter and herbal knowledge. They excel in making potions and strategy.

The Absynthe guard is specialized in alchemy and all things associated with the preparations of potions. Some are members of very refined species of Faeries like elves for example.

Known Members[]


All guards that Guardian can join have clothes specific to that guard. Equipment that has a small green gem in the top right corner indicates that members of the Absynthe Guard can wear that item. If a player is not apart of that guard, they will not be able to wear that item. These clothes can be found via exploration or bought on the Market.


Picture Name Classification Rarity
Clothing Absynthe Guard Shoulder Pad.png Absynthe Guard Shoulder Pad Coat Common
Clothing Fleeting Liana Stockings.png Fleeting Liana Stockings Socks Legendary
Clothing Fleeting Liana Sleeves.png Fleeting Liana Sleeves Hand Accessories Legendary
Clothing Fleeting Liana Necklace.png Fleeting Liana Necklace Necklaces Legendary
Clothing Fleeting Liana Dress.png Fleeting Liana Dress Dresses Legendary
Clothing Fleeting Liana Shoes.png Fleeting Liana Shoes Shoes Legendary
Clothing Fleeting Liana Flowers.png Fleeting Liana Flowers Hats Legendary
Clothing Dionae Poison Belt.png Dionae Poison Belt Belt Legendary
Clothing Dionae Poison Barrette.png Dionae Poison Barrette Face Accessory Legendary
Clothing Dionae Poison Gloves.png Dionae Poison Gloves Gloves Legendary
Dionae Poison Dress Dresses Legendary

Guard Outfits[]

Incompatible Guard[]

When an item from the Absynthe Guard becomes acquired by a member of the Shadow or Obsidian guard, the background of that item becomes red.

Incompatable Guard.PNG